Heavenly Taste of Modern Indian Cuisine

Story of Le Mirch

The story of Le Mirch begins with Shyam Thakur, a passionate entrepreneur with a dream to share the authenticity of Indian Cuisine infused with a touch of modernity. Nestled in the heart of a bustling city, Le Mirch goes beyond being a casual dine-in restaurant. The name “Le Mirch”, meaning “The Chilli” in Hindi, symbolizes the fiery passion and zest infused into every plate served. The interior exudes warmth and sophistication, blending traditional Indian motifs with sleek, modern design.

Each dish at Le Mirch is crafted carefully to ignite your senses and take diners on a compelling journey. Le Mirch is not just a restaurant; it is an experience, a journey that transports customers to a place where flavors come alive and stories are shared. Be prepared to embark on a culinary adventure that will leave an indelible mark on your heart.

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Embrace the sophisticated ambience of the restaurant while enjoying the best Indian fusion food.

Events & catering

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Welcome to Le Mirch!
Modern dining with authentic Indian flavors