Get ready to take a jump to taste and experience the original flavour of Indian vegetarian cuisine, enhanced by a touch of tradition. Snacking on a fragment of heaven, where soul and spices hit. At the best Indian vegetarian restaurant in KL, it’s not about dining only; it’s a flavour-filled adventure that will instantly take you to the famous streets of India. Start your dinner with one of our mouthwatering appetisers, such our crunchy samosas stuffed with potatoes and peas or our flavorful, sour chaat. Savour our filling main courses, which include traditional dishes like fragrant dal tadka, creamy paneer tikka masala, and succulently cooked veggie biryani.If you’re in the mood for something lighter, our array of freshly made salads and grilled specialties will fill you up without sacrificing health. 

Our hearts are full of love, and our cuisines are full of taste. Among the chains of Indian vegetarian restaurants in kuala lumpur, we are the restaurant that will win your trust and loyalty. From the famous North Indian street food menu to the South Indian restaurant-style food menu, we serve you various options with rich taste and genuine hospitality. At Indian vegetarian restaurant kl, you will experience delightful and momentous ambiance perfectly defining an Indian restaurant look. With a large and comfortable seating area, we also have a rooftop dining area.

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Indian vegetarian restaurants in kuala lumpur are aimed at providing a special and elegant eating experience. We offer a wide variety of delectable foods, including modern fusion and classic Indian fare. Our staff is well-trained and friendly. Visit here for a cozy, welcoming vibe. Indian Vegetarian Restaurant KL has a large assortment of drinks, desserts, and meals on the menu. It is the best place to embark on a great dinner with your close ones. With an emphasis on lighthearted and whimsical decor, the atmosphere of the best Indian vegetarian restaurant in kl is vibrant and energizing. A group of talented chefs make dishes with precision, utilizing only the freshest, most genuine ingredients. We serve a range of Indian dishes here with the utmost civility, thanks to our flawless staff. Our cuisine’s mouthwatering and alluring tastes will cheer you up and make you happy. In the end, food is sacred in our own tradition. Nutrients and calories are not important. Sharing is what matters. It has to do with being truthful. It has to do with identity.


From live music  to full pack of entertainment, we provide you fun dining experience that you will never regret. Best indian vegetarian restaurant in kl provides you timeless and unmatched quality food with original ingredients and local taste. Our team is always at your service. We have a personalised space for office parties, birthday celebrations and more occasions. Our menu is a veritable gold mine of modern dishes and age-old traditions, all expertly prepared to entice your palate.
The adventure of indian vegetarian food does not terminates here. At Le Mirch , we consider that cooking is the only beginning of creating memories, not just a meal. Each visit is a celebration of food, culture and community as we guarantee to take you to a world of immense ecstasy with lively ambiance, and attentive service.


As a Malaysian who loves to try authentic food from every culture, Le Mirch comes highly recommended when it comes to Indian cuisine in KL. The food is top-notch, the atmosphere is warm, and the service is always friendly. Don’t miss it!

Siti Nurul

Le Mirch is the best Indian cuisine fine dining in KL. The food is always great and the staff never fail to go the extra mile to make us feel at home. We love it!

Anjali Devi

Le Mirch is the place where I would head whenever I feel like having a bite of home. The food is sweet and its taste reminds me of my grandmother’s cooking. Additionally, the staff are very friendly and hospitable. Highly recommend it to anyone interested in real Indian cuisine in KL!

Aminah Serene

As an Indian expat in Malaysia, finding authentic Indian cuisine in KL was very important to me. Le Mirch did not disappoint me! The Indian cuisine food was very delicious and the host was very warm. I would definitely visit again!


It is my husband and I’s go-to spot whenever we are craving some good and authentic butter chicken! We love the aesthetic and the vibe of the restaurant. Definitely telling all our friends about it.



Embrace the sophisticated ambience of the restaurant while enjoying the best Indian fusion food.


1. Is it possible for me to customise my order?

Yes, of course! We are aware that every person has different interests and tastes. You can personalise your meal by changing the amount of spice, selecting particular ingredients, or asking for particular preparations.

2. Do you provide event catering services?

Yes, we offer catering for a range of occasions, including parties, weddings, business meetings, and more. On our website, you can check the menu and also pre-book the decor theme. Kindly get in touch with our team beforehand to go over your needs.

3. Do you use dairy products?

Yes, we use dairy products such as milk, yoghurt, and cheese in our cooking. We also prepare vegan dishes on customer’s request. Also there are few vegan dishes displaced from our menu.

4. Do you use traditional cooking methods?

Our chefs guarantee authenticity in flavour and preparation procedures because they have experience with traditional Indian culinary methods.

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