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Creating an unforgettable culinary journey by blending distinguished cooking techniques with the rich flavors of Indian heritage, seasoned with love and affection.

Chaat Trolley

Indian Street Food

2 Pax RM60 / 4 Pax RM120

Consists of a combination of Indian Street Food.Consists Dairy
  • Avocado Chaat Wrapped in Water Jelly
  • Shisho Pata Chaat
  • Gol Gappa Shot With Kambucha
  • Tomato Chaat Mini Potato Dumpling
  • Pull Me Up - Banarasi Tamatar Chaat
  • Sindhi Dal Pakwan Chaat

Small Bites

  • Kerala Fish Pakoda With Wasabi Mayo 35
  • Chicken Poppers With Kasundi 40
  • Kosha Mansho Popiah With Mint 40
  • Cheese Poppers With Chili Pepper 40
  • Paneer Pakoda With Mint 35
  • Onion And Mirch Pakoda With Corriander Pesto 35
  • Ghee Roast Makhana With Sweet And Sour Dust 40
  • Papadom 20
  • Chef Nishant's Signature - Kasundhi Gochujang Torched Sweet Potato 45

    Goma Palak, Tamarind, Californian Grapes



  • Beetroot Chop 48

    Deep Fried Beetroot Dumpling Made Roasted Beetroot Stuffed With Cheese & Nuts, Thoum & Gazpacho. Contains Nuts

  • Til-e-paneer 45

    Black And White Sesame Crusted Tandoori Cottage Cheese, Stuffed With Apricot & Green Chilli, Served With Roasted Pepper Puree. Contains Dairy

  • Ram Ladoo 40

    Jalapeño & Raisins Stuffed In A Lentil Dumpling With Radish. Served With Mint & Jaggery Dip

  • Tandoor Bruised Malai Broccoli 40

    Romesco, Garlic Chips

  • Darjeeling Vegetarian Momo 45

    Preserved Chili Chutney

  • Inspired Coastal Indian Ceviche 40

    Raw Mango, Corn & Avocado, Masala Onion, Coconut Malai Cream

  • Pull Me Up - Banarasi Tamatar Chaat 40

    Avocado Mousse, Oat Flour Crisp, Raw Mango Salsa

  • Sindhi Dal Pakwan Chaat 40

    Fresh Strawberry Chutney, Teardrop Tomato Salsa

  • Corn & Jalapeño Kebab 45

    Sweet Corn And Jalapeño Kebab Coated With Puffed Black Rice & Pickled Onion Served With Bell Pepper Chutney. Contains Dairy

  • Favourite - Pulled Sahi Kathal Tacos 40

    Goan Peri Peri Sauce, Red Cabbage Chiffonade, Plaintain Chips


Non - Vegetarian

  • Coorg Chicken Tikka 50

    Coorg Black Vinegar & Fried Curry Leaf

  • Mutton Chukka 60

    Lamb Morsels Served With Paniyaram

  • Mustard Fish Tikka 60

    Sea Bass Made With Carom Seeds, Radish & Hollandaise

  • Amritsari Fish Fry 60

    Boneless Sea Bass Made With Tuna Tartar & Kimchi Mayonnaise
    Legend has it that the origin of amritsari machhi is owed to the natives living on the river banks. The locals used to indulge in a lot of food made with fish fresh from the river; somehow these dishes reached the royal court, so they experimented and started creating new dishes

  • Dahi Puchka 60

    Puffed Dumpling, Stuffed With Prawn And Topped With Sweetened Yogurt Foam & Avocado
    A miracle culinary invention by Draupadi. It is said that during their exile, Kunti one day in an attempt to check her daughter in-law skills asked her to make something to gratify the taste buds of her son and handed her only some dough and a left-over vegetable dish.

  • Darjeeling Chicken Momo 55

    Spicy Red Chili Chutney

  • Fish Chapli Double Roti 40

    Seaweed Masala Aromate, Tartare, Apricot Chili Gel, Roe

  • Inspired Coastal Indian Ceviche 40

    Lemon Salt Cured Fish, Cilantro, Avocado, Coconut Malai Cream

  • Delightful - Pulled Mutton Eraichi Tacos 50

    Sriracha Sauce, Shallots

Main Course


  • Dal Moradabadi 45

    Cooked Lentil, Topped With Onion, Tomato, Cranberry, Green Chilli & Coriander
    The Prince of Moradabad wanted to have a simple light meal. His cook made this dal with different toppings and a dollop of ghee which he loved.

  • Dal Makhni 55

    Split Black Gram, Soaked Overnight Cooked With Butter & Cream. Contains Dairy

  • Mushroom Pepper Fry 55

    Crispy Mushroom Tossed With Crushed Black Pepper & South Indian Spices Served With Appam

  • Cheese & Apricot Kefta 55

    Apple, Chilli And Cheese Stuffed Dumpling Served With Pumpkin Makhni & Fox Nut. Contains Dairy

  • Paneer Makhni 55

    Tomato Butter Curry Cooked With Marinated Cottage Cheese. Contains Dairy & Nuts

  • Cottage Cheese Pinwheel 55

    Silken Butter Masala

  • Fire It Up - Tandoori Portobello 45

    Hing Mirch Ka Mushroom, Wild Rice Khichri, Rucola, Truffle Oil

Main Course

Non - Vegetarian

  • Butter Chicken 50

    Butter Chicken Roasted Chicken Simmered In A Tomato Butter Gravy Served With Boneless Chicken Croquettes. Contains Dairy & Nuts
    The butter chicken is derived from tandoori chicken. As the chefs used to cook the chicken at the start of the day it would tend to go dry as the day progressed. To keep the chicken moist the tomato cream gravy was added

  • Railway Mutton Curry 85

    Mutton Curry Cooked With Spices Available During The Journey By Train & Served With Buttery Mash Potato
    This is a colonial era dish from the late 19th century where chefs used to cook on the railways during long journeys

  • Fish Alleppey 85

    Spicy Raw Mango Curry Served On The Bed Of Milagai Podi (Gunpowder).
    Contains Seafood

  • Prawn Chettinad 85

    Jumbo Prawns Cooked With Spicy Chettinad Curry. Contains Seafood

  • From The Fisherman’s Boat - Spice Grilled Salmon 70

    Rasam, Arugula, Roe & Kokum Chutney

  • Chef’s Signature - Karnatka Style Inspired Lobster Thermidor Khichri 200

    Seafood Bisque, Truffle Oil

  • The Champ - Champaran Mutton Curry 90

    Slow Cooked Mutton Cooked With Garlic In Eartherware Pot

  • Junglee Maas 85

    Lamb Shank Cooked With White Onion & Special Spices From The City Of Jaipur
    This dish tells the story of a King who would hunt wild jungle animals for food and would only carry 5 ingredients; Ghee, Oil, Water, Salt & Chilli. A definite must try


  • Banarasi Aloo 25

    Fried Mini Potato Tossed With Masala Gravy & Coriander

  • Sauté Spinach 25

    Cumin & Garlic Sauté Spinach

  • Fried Okra 25

    Crispy Okra Served On The Bed Of Onion & Tomato Masala

  • Pickled Cucumber Raita 25

    Pickled Cucumber Chunks Served With Beaten Yogurt. Contains Dairy

  • Beetroot Raita 25

    Marinated Beetroot Blended With Yogurt And Topped With Sesame. Contains Dairy


2 Pcs

  • Tandoori Roti 25
  • Tandoori Roti With Jalapeño Butter 25
  • Flaky Paratha 25
  • Layered Paratha 25
  • Garlic Naan 25


  • Steamed Rice 18

    Basmati Rice Topped With Desi Ghee & Coriander

  • Tehri 40

    Turmeric Rice Prepared In A North Indian Style, Cooked With Potatoes, Carrot, Beans & Green Peas. Served With Mint Sauce

  • Hyderabad Chicken Biryani 45

    Marinated Meat Cooked With Layered Rice Over Slow Fire & Finished With Mint Rose Water & Brown Onion. Served With Salan - Chicken Gravy. Contains Dairy

  • Laal Maas Biryani 55

    Flavorful Mutton Biryani Made By Combination Of Traditional Rajasthani Laal Maas Curry Along With Basmati Rice.served With Salan - Chicken Gravy. Contains Dairy

The Happy Ending

  • The Sinful Kunafeh 45

    Floss, Pistachio & Cream Cheese

  • Moong Dal Halwa 30

    A Rich Desserts Made From Yellow Split Gram & Fried With Ghee In Until Aromatic & Golden

  • Gajar Ka Halwa 30

    A Rich Desserts Made From Fresh Carrot Fried With Ghee

  • Rasmalai 30

    A Homemade Cottage Cheese Patty Flavoured With Saffron And Cardomom

  • Kaju Katli 30

    Cashew Nuts, Sugar Paste & Dark Chocolate Mousse. Contains Nuts & Dairy

  • Kulfi 30

    Homemade Indian Ice Cream

  • The Sinful Kunafeh