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Le Mirch is your entrance to an authentic Indian gastronomic cultural experience in the heart of Kuala Lumpur (KL). Le Mirch gives glory in providing a dining experience that embraces the various and splendid flavors of India, served with an essence of warmth and hospitality. Enter Le Mirch and start a journey through a unique culinary experience. As you walk through our doors, you will feel like you are in the colorful Indian streets, where the smell of spices is in the air, and every meal has a story.

Enjoy a diversified selection of dishes that depict different regions of India, with their unique tastes and culinary traditions. Our menu seeks to celebrate the diversity of India where everything from bold and fiery curries of the north to delicate and aromatic dishes of the south is represented.

indian cuisine in kl

Extraordinary Indian Cuisine Fine Dining Experience

We aim to demonstrate the diversity of Indian cuisine, giving our visitors a chance to discover the wide range of flavors of the subcontinent. Our menu includes a carefully chosen collection of popular classics and some not-so-well-known regional specialties to ensure that there is something for everyone. Our generation-old recipes will make your mouth water, and whether you are a long-time lover of Indian cuisine food or tasting it for the first time, you will want to come back.

Authentic Flavors, Impeccable Indian Cuisine in KL Service

We think that the Indian cuisine fine dining experience is not only related to the meal but also to the journey. The experience of hundreds of year-old spices and recipes. That is why we are determined to offer flawless service from the time you walk in through the time you walk out. Our expert and friendly staff will help you throughout our menu and provide recommendations, ensuring that your entire meal is just right. On special occasions or just a night out with friends, we aim to make your Indian cuisine food experience at Le Mirch, something to remember.


As a Malaysian who loves to try authentic food from every culture, Le Mirch comes highly recommended when it comes to Indian cuisine in KL. The food is top-notch, the atmosphere is warm, and the service is always friendly. Don’t miss it!

Siti Nurul

Le Mirch is the best Indian cuisine fine dining in KL. The food is always great and the staff never fail to go the extra mile to make us feel at home. We love it!

Anjali Devi

Le Mirch is the place where I would head whenever I feel like having a bite of home. The food is sweet and its taste reminds me of my grandmother’s cooking. Additionally, the staff are very friendly and hospitable. Highly recommend it to anyone interested in real Indian cuisine in KL!

Aminah Serene

As an Indian expat in Malaysia, finding authentic Indian cuisine in KL was very important to me. Le Mirch did not disappoint me! The Indian cuisine food was very delicious and the host was very warm. I would definitely visit again!


It is my husband and I’s go-to spot whenever we are craving some good and authentic butter chicken! We love the aesthetic and the vibe of the restaurant. Definitely telling all our friends about it.



Embrace the sophisticated ambience of the restaurant while enjoying the best Indian fusion food.


What kind of food does Le Mirch serve?
Le Mirch features modern Indian cuisine food presenting a versatile menu that reflects the rich Indian aromas and culinary heritage. We are the place where you will find authentic Indian cuisine in KL
Does Le Mirch cater to vegetarians?
Yes, Le Mirch serves vegetarians well by providing a range of them on the menu, thus there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Indian cuisine food is often known for its large array of vegetarian options.
Is it possible to reserve a table in Le Mirch?
Yes, we prefer guests to book, particularly during the busiest dining times or for a special occasion. Bookings are accessible through our website or by a restaurant call.
Do there exist alternatives to gluten-free or allergen-friendly dishes at Le Mirch?
Yes, we provide various gluten-free and allergen-friendly selections on our menu. Let us know of any dietary restrictions or allergies, and we will take care of it.
Does Le Mirch use fresh and locally sourced ingredients?
Certainly, at Le Mirch, we try to use fresh and locally grown ingredients wherever practicable to guarantee the best quality and taste in our dishes.

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