The world is extremely fond of Indian cuisine. Every day, new Indian restaurants emerge up in Kuala Lumpur.

But what if you could experience the regal flavour of Indian food in kl at Le Mirch? Renowned for its assortment of Indian cuisine, including fiery tadka, desserts, and post-meal beverages,

Le Mirch is the top Indian eatery in Kuala Lumpur. Eat in harmony with the natural world from sunrise to sunset. Whether it’s a work party, birthday celebration, or first meeting, create memories with our custom atmosphere and menu. Join our family to discover the place where possibilities are endless. Eating lunch while gazing a beautiful decor is a magical experience that offers a different viewpoint.

One of the key elements that draws people back to a location is the calm atmosphere and simplicity of ordering. In addition to serving real Indian food, Le Mirch also provides a happy and emotional experience. You can taste the actual flavour with each bite. It is not depressing to see the sun set over the megacity escape. The floor to ceiling glass windows entice you to place more drink orders. We are the best Indian restaurant serving authentic Indian food nearby.

Our freshly made jalebi and gulab jamun will bring back memories of the Indian street vendors’ stalls selling similar goods.

indian cuisine in kl


Le Mirch is the most celebrated restaurant for the best Indian food in KL. Le Mirch’s Indian food in KL has the purest authentic Indian flavour in the city. Aromatics, regional ingredients, and a range of cooking techniques mix the flavours and cuisines of north and south India on a single plate. The traditional Indian food menu reflects the great cultural diversity of India as well as regional tastes. From decor to staff to the Indian food menu, Le Mirch is best known for serving satisfying, savoury, and scrumptious Indian cuisines. Authentic Indian cuisine at Le Mirch will add a touch of spice to your life. 

At Le Mirch, we have a team of welcoming and courteous people who quickly process orders. Drinks nowadays are more original, creative, fascinating, and healthful. The days of milk, coffee, tea, and sodas being the only drinks offered at restaurants are long gone. At Le Mirch, custom-made sodas, unique iced and hot teas, and creative cocktails are also available. we believe in offering a unique culinary experience by fusing a few spoonfuls of love and affection. Indian food has a rich legacy of using spices and tastes. India’s culinary legacy is extremely rich and distinct. Because of the distinctive blend of spices and sophisticated cooking methods, this cuisine draws visitors from all over the world and offers a joy and discovery experience with every bite. 


Indian food is one of the world’s most variable and tasty food landscapes. It is a vibrant, intricate tapestry of tastes, spices, and provincial traditions.

Indian cuisine is spiced food: It is the foundation of nearly every meal’s taste. Try Le Mirch to experience the traditional Indian food menu in kl. Indian food is highly geographically diversified, influenced by local climates, festivities and seasonal changes, and contrasts in customs, languages, and historical influences.

At Le Mirch , we serve you the majestic north and south Indian food. The north Indian produces many rich, creamy curries and additional dairy such as paneer combined with yogurt and ghee are widely utilized. In south Indian dishes, rice is an important food; hot chilis and lentils are frequently consumed.

Before meals, some of the famous foods in South India include dal based veg stew called sambar, spicy-sour soup called rasam, and the southern Indian crepe made with a batter of rice and black lentils fermented called dosas. You can try all these at Le Mirch.


I’m a foodie who loves trying different types of foodies, and I can only say that I’m so thrilled by the experience I had at the Le Mirch. Not only was the chicken tikka masala creamy, well spiced, but the garlic naan was the best I’ve ever eaten. The staff didn’t lie; the experience I had will be one I will never forget. “I cannot wait to bring my family here next time!


  1. I fell madly in love with the country’s cuisine after my one and only visit to India; an actual taste of authentic flavors in Malaysia has been a real challenge for me until I found Le Mirch. The vegetarian thali was a sensory experience through different tastes and textures, all of them presented artistically. This restaurant is so cozy and warm that it feels like a piece of India in Kuala Lumpur.


Being from North India means I am always looking for food that reminds me of home. Le Mirch provided exactly this. The kadai paneer  had the perfect balance of spices, just like my mother’s recipe. The waiters treated us as if we were their family members, and the bright décor reminded me much about the festivals at home.


A weekend getaway led us to Le Mirch where we stumbled upon something great! Purely authentic pani puri and masala dosa! Every dish was exploding with taste, while the owner himself shared some of his cooking secrets with us in a friendly manner. This place is an uncut diamond for everyone who desires having a genuine South Indian meal.



Embrace the sophisticated ambience of the restaurant while enjoying the best Indian fusion food.


1. Do you offer vegan and vegetarian options?

Yes, our Indian food menu includes a variety of vegetarian dishes like dal tadka, paneer butter masala, aloo gobhi, and many more. Also, for vegan options, please let our staff know about your request.

2. Are there special chairs for kids?

Yes, we have a special arrangement for kids. Before coming to our restaurant, please inform us if you are dining with children; we will make preparations accordingly. We also have high chairs available for kids. Our menu also has some special dishes for kids only.

3. Do you offer delivery or takeout?

Yes, you can order from our website or through food delivery apps.

4. Do you host parties as well?

Yes, from our side, we organise parties on various occasions. If you want to celebrate at our restaurant, do let us know. We will decorate it accordingly.

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