Top Must Try Indian Dishes In Kuala Lumpur

Trying to find the best Indian restaurants in Kuala Lumpur? We have got you covered.

Indian cuisine has a long history of flavours and spices. The Culinary heritage of India is both very unique and rich. The result of the unique combination of spices and elaborate cooking techniques, attracts tourists all over the world, providing a discovery and pleasure trip in every bite. Today, Indian cuisine is available in countless Indian restaurants in Kuala Lumpur and throughout Malaysia.

Therefore, we will discuss five Indian dishes you must not miss when visiting Kuala Lumpur in this blog. You will have the opportunity to try all kinds of Indian cuisine, from tandoori starters to biryanis and curries, and you’ll be able to taste the richness of Indian cuisine.

5 Indian Dishes You Must Try

Tandoori Chicken

From the jaw-dropping main course to the only-in-India treats, the most distinctive of the Indian appetisers is the Tandoori Chicken. It’s juicy chicken that’s marinated in yogurt and spices and then cooked in the tandoor. The Mirch makes a relishing burst of flavor to meet expectations.

Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken

Indeed, this curry, using delicious tomatoes, butter, and cream, is Le Mirch’s most popular option. A succulent chicken tikka doused in a lotion of delicious smooth sauce—that is bliss on a plate!

Dal Makhni

Overnight slow-cooked lentils with unsalted and unrefined black lentils and red kidney beans served as a Punjabi specialty. Consequently, the final output is a good, smooth lentil curry with velvety consistency.

Dal Makhni
Mushroom Pepper Fry

Mushroom Pepper Fry

You might have never heard about this underrated vegetarian dish. This recipe includes mushrooms stir-fried with cracked black peppercorns and spices employed in South Indian cuisine, which affords a spicy, aromatic dish. This is one of the best Indian food in KL that you must try!

They are accompanied by appam, a type of rice pancake that is fermented, and a sauce that has lots of pepper in it for dipping and soaking up the sauce.

Cheese & Apricot Kefta

The stuffed dumplings combine a filling of sweet, sour, hot, and cheese items such as apricots, apples, chilies, and cheese. Cheese is also a part of the flavor palette, contributing creaminess and a tart note, balanced by the fruit’s sweetness. We present you the pumpkin makhani dumplings which come in a delightful sauce dolloped with fox nuts for texture. This mixed dish of spices, fruits, cheese and sauce makes this meal a vegetarian innovation.

Cheese Apricot Kefta

If you are looking for a restaurant that serves the most authentic Indian dishes, Le Mirch is the one for you. With its impeccably extended menu featuring mainly regional delicacies and vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods, is for sure one of the most authentic Indian dining spots in the capital of Malaysia, offering the best Indian food in KL.

You can find a lot of Indian restaurant in KL that offer authentic flavors in a fine dining ambiance. This is precisely the spot to sample the deep wealth of Indian cuisine, which is so diversified that one can find a large variety of tandoori kebabs, Mini Raj Kachori, Amritsari Fish Tikka, and curries. 

Le Mirch’s determination to blend a complete range of quality ingredients, traditional cooking techniques, and superlative hospitality is one of the main reasons why it is one of the most prominent Indian restaurants in Kuala Lumpur today.